Pike Brewing Company brews all our craft beers in our 30 barrel brew house, located next door to the Pike Place Market and within The Pike Pub. Come watch as Pike Brewing’s expert brewers mix malt, hops, yeast and water to create all your favorite beers.

Brewing right in the heart of Seattle.

Brewing right in the heart of Seattle.

Pike Brewing started in the Pike Place Market in 1989, when owners Charles and Rose Ann Finkel opened our original brewery in the La Salle Hotel at 1432 Western Avenue. It was one of the country’s smallest breweries with the tallest smokestack. In addition to brewing at this location we also operated homebrew supplier, Liberty Malt Supply.  A four barrel copper kettle was custom made by Seattle’s Alaska Copper and Brass Company and though tiny, the brewery was state of the art for the time. From the beginning the goal was to brew world class ales to accompany great food.


See our brew kettle right in The Pike Pub dining room.

See our brew kettle right in The Pike Pub dining room.

In 1996 Pike Brewing expanded, moving to our current location on 1st Avenue between Pike and Union. The Pike Pub and the Microbrewery Museum were opened and we significantly increased our brewing capacity. Always with an eye towards brewing history, owner Charles Finkel had the brewery built on three levels of the building, using the traditional gravity flow system. At the top is our grist case and then mash tun, which mixes malt with warm water to start converting the starches into sugar. The resulting liquid, called wort, then flows naturally down to our brew kettle, which is located one story below in the heart of The Pike Pub. Pub visitors love to eat and drink while watching Pike Brewing brewers carefully add bittering and aroma hops to the brew kettle. The wort finishes by flowing down to our brew house, where it is fermented, conditioned and packaged.


Here's where we brew the beers you love.

Here’s where we brew the beers you love.

Pike Brewing Company has a 30 barrel brew house which is still hand, not computer operated, today. In the back of the brewery are 19 fermenters, where we pitch our specially selected house yeasts, English and Beligan, into the wort. After fermenting for the requisite amount of time this beer is transferred into one of our 5 bright tanks for final conditioning.

Pike's bottling line puts draft quality beer in bottles.

Pike’s bottling line puts draft quality beer in bottles.

The last step, before bottling and kegging, is a trip through Pike Brewing’s centrifuge, which brightens and filters the beer while keeping all its malty and hoppy characteristics just as the brewers intended.

All of Pike Brewing’s packaging, from draft kegs to 12 and 22 oz bottles, is done within feet of these bright tanks, ensuring it stays fresh. Pike Brewing even has a specialized bottling machine which double evacuates oxygen before filling the bottles. This process puts our bottled beers taste as fresh and full as draft beer.

Come join us for a tour and see the Pike Brewing Company brewery for yourself.

Forklift and workers moving malt in Pike Brewing Company's brewery

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