Your Guide to Pairing Beer for Thanksgiving


Move over wine – craft beer is perfect for Thanksgiving. If it’s your turn to host Thanksgiving then you’ve got enough to worry about without trying to figure out how to pair beer with your turkey, mashed potatoes and stuffing. Relax, we’ve got you covered with this guide to pairing Pike Brewing Company beers with every…

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Winter Seasonal Release: Pike Auld Acquaintance


After one of the most stunning summers on record, the cold and dark of winter is finally returning to the Northwest. Sure, we all still enjoy an IPA, but with the longer nights our Cascadian tastes start to turn towards the fuller, darker and sweeter beers of winter. Now is the time for Pike Auld Acquaintance. Pike Auld…

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Charles and Rose Ann to Be Honored by Pellegrini Foundation

Pike Brewing Company Founders and Owners Charles and Rose Ann Finkel to be honored by the Pellegrini Foundation

Angelo Pellegrini was a champion for local and slow food long before those terms were common. Alice Waters, Ruth Reichl and Mario Batali all note Angelo, or Pelle as he is fondly called, as the person who inspired their focus on sustainable and good food. The Pellegrini Foundation carries on Angelo’s legacy by recognizing people…

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Pike Sells In and Moves Up


Announcement by Charles and Rose Ann Finkel and Pike Brewing Company on expanding ownership to key employees and expanding the brewery. A  letter from Charles and Rose Ann Finkel, Founders and Owners of The Pike Brewing Company: Today, on the eve of our 26th anniversary, we’re excited to announce that we’re ensuring that Pike Brewing…

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Fresh Hop Beer Release: Pike Wolf in the Woods


Autumn is hop harvest season and an annual time to craft beers which singularly capture the hop’s most delicate flavors and essence. Moving quickly from bine to kettle, brewers must use their freshly picked hop flowers within 24 hours of harvest. This year Pike Brewing Company has chosen to brew with Simcoe hops, an aroma…

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It’s Pumpkin Beer Time


There is a welcome look on peoples’ faces when they hear that Pike Harlot’s Harvest Pumpkin Ale is back on tap. Maybe this beer’s arrival lets people feel good about welcoming cooler days and fall traditions while letting go of summer. Or it could just be that this seasonal beer’s unique blend of spices, Belgian yeast and pumpkin is…

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